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A visit to Florentina is always uplifting.  Just at the point that you feel that no one understands and you are asking yourself if you’ll ever feel better, you only have to walk through Flora’s door and you know you are in safe hands.

Cynthia Alvarado

I have been a patient of Florentina for three years presenting her with what has seemed like an endless list of symptoms which have persisted over many years.Flora has steadily worked with me using her skills and at the same time suggesting dietary changes and encouraging me to confront  personal issues – this holistic approach has worked miracles such that I haven’t needed to see Florentina for several months as I am feeling so much better

Larry Daniel

I have known Florentina for the past 3 years after a friend recommended her to me, I bless the day I met her, she has been such a help to both my husband and myself and continues to be so.She has a very calm and gentle approach with her clients which puts one immediately at ease, she is both empathic and understanding, her consultations are never rushed , she truly takes an interest in her clients and clearly loves her job.

Thomas Mullican

She is very easy to talk to and her combined use of Homeopathy and chinese medicine make for a very in-depth consultation.I have had much success since seeing her and have no reservation in recommending her to anybody, she is very special and I am so pleased to have found her.

Carmen Davison

“My Doctor at Avicenna Clinic has been very helpful and has relieved much of my pain. So far the care has been excellent and the price is very reasonable too.”

Michael Grissom

Florentina is a gifted and knowledgeable homeopath whose approach allows you to experience how your body is strengthened by different remedies. She is a compassionate and dedicated practitioner, always passing on useful information and ideas. I feel I have learned a lot from my healing journey with Florentina.

Jane Hansen

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